Drinking Like Ulysses S. Grant

This week I’m reviewing H.W. Brand’s biography of Ulysses S. Grant who, unfairly, is the US President most closely associated with booze. Figuring out what Grant actually drank, however, is a bit difficult. One clue comes from this famous, almost certainly apocryphal account: After the failure of his first experimental explorations around Vicksburg, a committee of… Read More Drinking Like Ulysses S. Grant

Cocktails ‘Round the Campfire – Southern Efficiency (Visit #2)

It’s been a long while since I last sipped generously at Southern Efficiency, the petite ode to the south off of 7th Street in Shaw. So when I needed a break from the oppressive heat, I was happy to find refuge in SE’s cozy and booze-lined premises. I really love SE’s vibe; the glass front… Read More Cocktails ‘Round the Campfire – Southern Efficiency (Visit #2)